Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz


Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz is an educational institution that won the reputation of one of the most dynamically developing universities in the country, figurating in high positions of various rankings and receiving numerous awards and distinctions, both domestic as well as foreign.
Advantages of studying at KPU
1. High quality of education. All studies run by the University possess a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Commission, which guarantees the opportunity to acquire solid education and high professional competences.
2. Complete cycle of studies delivered in English and Russian.
3. Almost 500 academic teachers from Poland and abroad cooperate with KPU, among them there is a large number of renowned professors.
4. Studying in an international environment. Currently students from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey and Norway study at KPU.
5.  Adaptation programor foreign students.
6. Correlation between theory and practice – work practice in prestigious institutions.
7. Unique in the voivodeship international cooperation. For our best students there is an opportunity to gain a scholarship or a work practice in foreign institutions, as well as a possibility to complete a part of studies at a foreign university as a part of the Erasmus programme, for example in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, Malta and Hungary. It is also possible to complete a part of the educational cycle within intercollegiate agreements in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Kirghizstan.
8. Additional educational modulesenabling achievement of certificates and supplementary competences in the field of studies, as well as other disciplines interesting for the student, such as cross-cultural competences or developing abilities to work in a multi-national environment.
9. Career advisor specialist support  in shaping individual professional development path.
10. Professional service in International Office delivered in foreign languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian).
11. Diploma and diploma supplement of European university.
12. Opportunity to acquire two diplomas.
13. High quality at a moderate price (in comparison to e.g. British universities).
14. Opportunity to learn at KPU Language School by the Faculty of Social Studies and Modern Languages which prepares to internationally recognised exams.
15. Opportunity to learn Polish – KPU guarantees a free of charge basic course of Polish, organised by School of Polish Language and Culture  Collegium Polonica, where foreigners may learn and improve their Polish skills as well as gain some knowledge of Polish history and culture (intensive courses, summer schools).
16. Vibrant student life  – participation in the Student Government, scientific circles and clubs, Leadership Academy, Law Faculty, international conferences and sport activities, possibility to expand your journalist passions at KPU Media Centre ( KPU TV and Radio „Megafon”).
17. Distinctive international initiatives – International Open Scientific Days, International Conference “One world- many cultures”, International Day, Educational Scholarship Programme “STEP”.
18. Modern and excellently-equipped educational facilities in the centre of the city – modern computer laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, building laboratory, Main Library and multimedia reading room.
19. Virtual equals contemporary – Dean’s Virtual Office, Electronic Student Record Book, Online Students Service, Internet library, Internet points.

Akademia Kujawsko-Pomorska
ul. Toruńska 55-57, 85-023 Bydgoszcz
  52 321 11 88