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Educational Mobility

Student mobility

Within the frames of action 1 Erasmus+ programme students have an opportunity to go abroad  for studies or for internship in companies, organizations and institutions in foreign countries participating in the programme. Students may go abroad during any study cycle (bachelor, master or doctorate) for the period no longer than 12 months. The minimum duration of stay for the studies is 3 months, internship – 2 months. Students of  long-cycle master studies or equivalent (for example of medical studies) may study abroad even for 24 months.

Student mobility for internship
Recent university graduates (bachelors, masters and doctors) may go for an internship abroad. Each alumni has one year to do that after finishing their studies. The duration of stay abroad is added to the total time of mobility during the level of studies on which student was qualified for the mobility. The enrolment takes place during the last year of studies.
Guidelines for applying
In order to participate in Erasmus+ programme the applicant must:
  • be registered on bachelor, master (or equivalent) or doctorate studies;
  • be a student of the University which takes part in the programme (possess Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) and during a particular academic year carries out a student exchange and has an inter-institutional agreement with the receiving university.
Students shall apply for the mobility at their home University. Typically students enrolment takes place during the academic year preceding the mobility. The amount of scholarship for the studies and internship varies depending on the destination country.
Academic and Administrative Staff Mobility
Teaching mobility at the partner universities
Academic teachers and specialists from the companies may benefit from this kind of mobility. The classes carried out by them always shall be an integral part of the current teaching programme of the host university.
The academics may visit foreign universities, with which their home universities (departments) have signed interinstitutional agreements. Both sending and hosting university need to have an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education  and to accept an individual working/training plan of the staff member.
The specialists from the companies, institutions or organizations might – for the invitation of the university – carry out classes for students. Polish universities may invite specialists from foreign enterprises and staff members from Polish companies may give a cycle of lectures at the universities abroad participating in the programme.

Training mobility at the partner universities

Members of university staffmay visit foreign institutions, ex. companies, organizations, educational institutions, in order to improve skills  and qualifications needed at work,  to exchange experiences, broaden the knowledge in particular subject (participation in training, seminars, workshops with the elements of training, work shadowing visit etc.). The duration of this type of mobility is from two days to two months.
University with Erasmus Charter
Kujawy and Pomorze University has participated in the Erasmus Programme since 2004. From 2007-2014 the University had an extended Erasmus Charter. Currently, the European Commission granted KPU Erasmus Charter allowing for participation in the Erasmus + Programme. Similarly to the past years, the Charter allows for the exchange of students, as well as the administrative and academic staff,  as a part of cooperation with the countries taking part in the programme. 
Each semester we welcome foreign students, teachers and administrative workers from abroad within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. This exchange has a great impact on promoting the culture of learning according to European values and standards as well as developing the consciousness of social and material advantages of learning.
Students of all faculties of Kujawy and Pomorze University (regardless of their citizenship) have the opportunity to study free of charge at one of our foreign partnership universities, as well as take part in a student training abroad. A scholarship of 350-600 EUR per month is granted for the mobility. The opportunity to complete a part of studies or students training at prestigious universities and educational institutions abroad constitutes an indisputable advantage when searching for a job.
For more information about the Programme please visit the official website of European Commission.



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