Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz

Erasmus Policy Statement


Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz was founded in 2000 and is one of the biggest non-public universities in Poland. Currently we offer the following faculties:

- Law
- Pedagogy
- Administration
- Philology:English, Spanish, Russian and German
- Geodesy and Cartography
- Construction
- Information Technology
- Economics
- Social Work
Within almost 20 years, the university has gained the reputation of solid and friendly for students thanks to the care for high quality of education. Our activities are performed in accordance with the priorities such as improving the quality and effectiveness of education and vocational training as a contribution to creating economically competitive and socially coherent European Community.  In its principles the University is oriented to serving other people. We constantly broaden the scope of our didactic offer by introducing new fields of studies and specializations which are adapted to educational needs and the labor market forecasts. Taking into consideration the fact that education plays the crucial role in the creation of integrated society we strive to prevent discrimination and marginalization of the disadvantaged groups of the society.
KPU has been cooperating with many universities in Poland and several dozen abroad in Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Latvia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Italy, Portugal, France and others. The cooperation with foreign universities and companies has become a source of opportunities for transfer of innovation facilitating modernization of the study programmes.
Internationalization is among the strategic priorities in the development plans of our University. Internationalization is not only the exchange of experiences within the framework of agreements with foreign partners but also promotion of foreign language learning, introduction of international content into curricula, joint education programs with foreign universities and many other activities, through which education receives transnational dimension.
Fundamental aims of KPU international cooperation focus around:
  • modernization of the university structure based on the implementation of effective solutions; continuous improvement of the education quality;
  • promotion of mobility as one of the most effective elements of professional development of staff and students;
  • development of intercultural dialogue, creation of strategic partnerships and networks, which facilitate the realization of advanced works and exchange of views on the issues essential to further development of higher education; improvement of foreign language skills of the students as well as academic and administrative staff;
  • development of joint studies programmes delivered in English and enhancement of cooperation with neighboring and far countries. 
We aim to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of education systems and their adjustment to occupational needs.
One of the principles of the University mission is development of intercultural dialogue. Frequently we organize intercultural events which strengthen dialogue and creation of multicultural yet integrated society model. Annual international conference “One World – Many Cultures” creates a possibility to find new common areas of understanding and to realize dialogue between people and religions. The International Open Scientific Days are another our initiative for presenting the cultural diversity and encouraging desire for knowledge. All this is in the priorities and goals of our university.


Akademia Kujawsko-Pomorska
ul. Toruńska 55-57, 85-023 Bydgoszcz
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