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KPU offer 



Advantages of studying at KPU

  1. High quality of education. All studies run by the University possess a positive opinion of the Polish Accreditation Commission, which guarantees the opportunity to acquire solid education and high professional competences.

  2. Complete cycle of studies delivered in English and Russian.

  3. Almost 500 academic teachers from Poland and abroad cooperate with KPU, among them there is a large number of renowned professors.

  4. Studying in an international environment. Currently students from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey and Norway study at KPU.

  5. Adaptation program for foreign students.

  6. Correlation between theory and practice – work practice in prestigious institutions.

  7. Unique in the voivodeship international cooperation. For our best students there is an opportunity to gain a scholarship or a work practice in foreign institutions, as well as a possibility to complete a part of studies at a foreign university as a part of the Erasmus programme, for example in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, Malta and Hungary. It is also possible to complete a part of the educational cycle within intercollegiate agreements in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Kirghizstan.

  8. Additional educational modules enabling achievement of certificates and supplementary competences in the field of studies, as well as other disciplines interesting for the student, such as cross-cultural competences or developing abilities to work in a multi-national environment.

  9. Career advisor specialist support in shaping individual professional development path.

  10. Professional service in International Office delivered in foreign languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian).

  11. Diploma and diploma supplement of European university.

  12. Opportunity to acquire two diplomas.

  13. High quality at a moderate price (in comparison to e.g. British universities).

  14. Opportunity to learn at KPU Language School by the Faculty of Social Studies and Modern Languages which prepares to internationally recognised exams.

  15. Opportunity to learn Polish – KPU guarantees a free of charge basic course of Polish, organised by School of Polish Language and Culture  Collegium Polonica, where foreigners may learn and improve their Polish skills as well as gain some knowledge of Polish history and culture (intensive courses, summer schools).

  16. Vibrant student life – participation in the Student Government, scientific circles and clubs, Leadership Academy, Law Faculty, international conferences and sport activities, possibility to expand your journalist passions at KPU Media Centre ( KPU TV and Radio „Megafon”).

  17. Distinctive international initiatives – International Open Scientific Days, International Conference “One world- many cultures”, International Day, Educational Scholarship Programme “STEP”.

  18. Modern and excellently-equipped educational facilities in the centre of the city – modern computer laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, building laboratory, Main Library and multimedia reading room.

  19. Virtual equals contemporary – Dean’s Virtual Office, Electronic Student Record Book, Online Students Service, Internet library, Internet points.


Rector’s welcome

You are facing a dilemma related to your future educational path. The choice of studies and university is a crucial life decision that will determine your future. Therefore, it is important to choose a university which is recognized both within the country and internationally, for its achievements and good reputation; a university that will provide you with a diploma that will be a major asset on the labour market.

Fully aware of this, I recommend to you studies at Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz, where people, their desires and passions are of utmost importance. According to our mission, expressed in the motto SAPIENTIAE SERVIENTES (Lat. Serving Wisdom), we are consistently carrying out a planned strategy of development thus creating not only ideal conditions for studying, appreciated by the Polish Accreditation Committee, but also we are making our best to adjust KPU’s scientific and didactic offer to the needs of employers in order to make each graduate stand out in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences, and thus be competitive on the dynamically changing labour market. Numerous scientific circles, workshops and laboratories as well as vivid international cooperation that allows for studying or completing students practice abroad, enable comprehensive development and a possibility to fulfill one’s passions. In order to ensure the highest quality of education, the University employs a research personnel comprised of renown professors, which combined with practical lecturers is particularly valued by KPU students.
Within the 15 years of its functioning, Kujawy and Pomorze University has been one of the most thriving universities in Poland, winning honourable awards for its activity in various rankings.

Inviting you to study at Kujawy and Pomorze University, I wish that the choice you make shall not only give you a lot of satisfaction  and pleasure from acquiring knowledge, but also will be of great benefit for achieving professional and personal success.


Rector, Prof. Helena Czakowska, Ph. D.



Organization of studies

Get familiar with the basic concepts

 Kujawy and Pomorze University has prepared for you a unique offer, giving you new possibilities. Studying at our university is not only for those wishing to acquire new knowledge, but also for those who want to develop their interests at a chosen specialization or those who want to broaden their skills at elective educational module.

There are three forms of studying distinguished at Kujawy and Pomorze University – 1st –level studies, 2nd level studies and homogenous M.A. studies. Specific organization and course of studies, as well as all the rules and obligations connected to them are regulated by the statue.

Basic concepts that you may encounter as early as the enrolment procedure

If you successfully complete the enrolment procedure, you can choose two types of studies:

  • Full-time studies

  • Part-time studies – classes at the weekend, minimum two-times in a month

1st level studies (BA, Engineering Degree) – allow for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree or an Engineer depending on the chosen field of study. If you choose BA studies, they will last 3 years; if you choose Engineering Degree, they will last 3.5 year. You can continue your education at 2nd level studies.

2nd level studies – intended for those who already have a BA or an Engineering Degree. They last 4 semesters and end up with a master’s thesis defence, that gives you an MA Degree. You can continue your studies not only when you graduate, but also while studying, for example at post-graduate studies, thus gaining two diplomas simultaneously.

Homogenous MA studies – KPU offers 5-year MA studies at Faculty of Law that entitles you to carrying out all pupilages. The studies take 10 semesters and also end up with a  master’s thesis defense.

Specializations – you can choose your specialization at the second year of 1st level studies. It will allow you for broadening your competences according to your interests and expectations.

Modular Education – being a KPU student you may choose any educational module from the wide range of educational possibilities. In our offer we have 80 additional modules of education.

Courses – if you are interested in broadening your qualifications and talents, try our offer of additional courses.  It is a perfect opportunity to increase your professional competences and skills.

Centre for International Students

The development of international cooperation and the growing number of agreements with foreign partners has resulted in the increasing number of foreign students coming to study at KPU. This phenomenon has created the need for opening a centralized unit that would ensure professional assistance to international students coming to Bydgoszcz. For these reasons the Centre for International Students has been created. The Centre for International Students:

  • is equipped with materials about Poland, Bydgoszcz and the region; Polish language manuals, dictionaries and journals;

  • provides access to computers with Internet connections;

  • offers supplementary language courses for academic and administrative staff, integrating activities for the students conducted in English or Russian, intercultural workshops and Polish language Courses.

Centre for International Students provides full service for candidates and students from abroad in many languages:

  1. providing information and help throughout the enrolment process (help with application documents and visa-obtaining procedures),

  2. assistance in arranging accommodation, health insurance and all formal procedures connected to the stay in Poland,

  3. organisation of adaptation programmes for students from abroad,

  4. help with organisation of trips allowing for knowing the region and Poland,

  5. help with dealing with everyday problems.

We spare no effort to make sure that foreign students feel comfortable and safe at our University. The highest quality of education and splendid atmosphere make the time spent with us a most memorable experience.


Educational Offer


Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics


Law 5-year MA studies


Administration –BA studies and MA studies

    • public administration

    • local-government administration

    • economic administration

    • administration and law in business

    • public safety

    • tax administration

    • administration in justice bodies

    • administration in health service

    • administration and brokering in real estate business

    • organization and management in administration

    • e-government and modern forms of administration

    • EU administration

    • Rehabilitation policy – NOVELTY


Economics - BA studies and MA studies

    • organization and management in administration

    • accountancy and finances in business

    • sales management

    • tax law and accountancy

    • financial market analyst

    • logistics and supply chain management

    • HR management and personal counseling

    • law in business

    • banking and financial counseling

    • management in an international company

    • international trade

    • international business

    • marketing and public relations in business

    • psychology in business

    • managerial economics

    • economics in an enterprise


Management - BA studies and MA studies NOVELTY


Law in business – BA studies

    • legal regulations in business

    • finances in business

    • law and international business


Finances and Accountancy - BA studies NOVELTY




International Relations - BA studies

    • EU administration

    • international business and politics with elements of international law

    • international politics and diplomacy

    • international tourism

    • Eastern studies

    • International marketing and trade

    • International economic relations


Faculty of Social Sciences and Modern Languages


Pedagogy - BA studies and MA studies

    • preschool and early school education

    • preschool and early school education with English language

    • rehabilitation pedagogy – oligophrenopedagogy

    • childcare and early development support

    • resocialization with social prevention

    • resocialization with addiction prevention

    • psycho-pedagogy

    • pedagogy of culture and management in cultural institutions

    • art-pedagogy

    • school pedagogy with elements of socio-therapy

    • care an education pedagogy with artistic education

    • family counseling

    • andragogy with gerontology education

    • regional and cross-cultural pedagogy

    • professional counseling in career planning with elements of business studies

    • health education with elements of recreation pedagogy and elements of biological regeneration

    • social and educational activation of the elderly with elements of care

    • recreation pedagogy

    • general pedagogy


Social Work - BA studies


Modern Languages - BA studies

    • English philology

    • Spanish philology

    • Russian philology

    • German philology


Technical Faculty


Geodesy and Cartography - BSc studies

    • general geodesy


Construction – BSc studies

    • energy-saving construction

    • property revitalization

    • technology and organization of construction

    • road construction

    • general construction


IT Studies – BSc studies

    • Teleinformation

    • computer graphics

    • IT in financial services

    • computer networks and system safety

    • database systems

    • software engineering

    • internet technologies

    • sound and image engineering



Akademia Kujawsko-Pomorska
ul. Toruńska 55-57, 85-023 Bydgoszcz
  52 321 11 88