Największa niepubliczna uczelnia w Bydgoszczy

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At the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018, after welcoming our new  students of the international exchange program Erasmus+, they were invited to a meeting with the President of Bydgoszcz. Students had the opportunity to see a presentation about Bydgoszcz, get acquainted with the most important places and locations and receive useful information on various possible activities in the city.



After the meeting, several groups were organized for the guided tour and a walk through the historic streets of Bydgoszcz. Students had a chance to see and hear the story of the Old Town, the Bydgoszcz model exposition, the monument of Kazimierz the Great;  we visited the Museum of  History of Dirt and Soap and had a workshop in making the soap with our own hands. After the long walk, a cup of hot coffee with a delicious sweet bun was offered to each student. The last task of the day was to visit the Archaeological Museum. Despite the windy and cloudy weather, the day was a success.


Trip to Gdansk and Sopot

On April 21 the Erasmus students had a chance to join the trip to one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Poland - Gdansk. This old and rich city is famous by its many sightseeing points which the students could visit during the trip: Solidarity Museum, the Old Town Square and Długa Street, St. Mary's Church, the Great Mill and many other places along the way.

On the way back the team visited a spa town Sopot, and despite the weather condition everyone could see the sea and enjoy a local dinner.





New intercultural workshops have started in Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz


All the Erasmus students are invited to informational lectures that help them to get to know the new culture better. Many useful facts and information is being presented and discussed about Poland and Polish language. The must-know customs and manners, as well as the local peculiarities are all included in the workshops.

We aim to enrich the expeprience of the curious and adventurous Erasmus students, give them the necessary astuteness in order to facilitate the daily life as well as to deepen their immersion into the new environment while studying and enjoying the stay.



Language Courses

A course of Polish language is being held for the international students. The basic  and useful phrases, words and expressions are being taught so that each student will be able to orient himself in everyday life in Poland and get closer to the culture through linguistic contact with the locals. Simple tasks, such as greetings, asking for directions, going to the store, or introducing oneself in Polish are in the curriculum of the course. Simple language basics can add a great value to the life abroad which makes it a great goal for this course.


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